That’s the title of a recent article in USA Today. The full article is here:…le-seeds_N.htm

Some quotes that I thought were interesting:

“The number of homes growing vegetables will jump more than 40% this year compared with just two years ago”

“At W. Atlee Burpee, the world’s largest seed company, seed sales will jump 25% this year, Chairman George Ball estimates. ‘It’s weird to have everyone else you talk to experiencing plunging markets. We’re on a roll.'”

“At Park Seed, vegetable seed sales are up 20% this year vs. 2008, says Walter Yates, who oversees the company’s e-commerce.”

Are you growing more this year? We are – we live on a regular old city lot, so we will be renting a sodcutter and cutting up the existing grass to make room for more veggie gardens.