Tomato and Pepper Seedling Chilling in a Sunny Window

Growing tomato and pepper seedlings

The tomato and pepper seedlings are doing great. My method is pretty simple. I have two 4-foot long shoplights, which are available for under $20 each at almost any big box or hardware store. Each light has room for two fluorescent tubes. Now, the special grow light fluorescents are pretty expensive, so I only use one per fixture. The other tube is just a regular fluorescent. THEN I put the whole set up in front of my big kitchen windows. Between the grow-light tubes, the regular fluorescent tubes, and the sun streaming in through the windows I figure my plants receive the wavelengths of light that they need.

It’s not high-tech, but this set up with fluorescent lights, seedlings, and a big sunny window seems to work just fine.

The plants on top of the lights are morning glories planted by my 6-year-old. I have to give them each a haircut yesterday because the vines were a little too vigorous.

The plants are all large enough that they could be planted outside now, but it’s still kind of chilly outdoors so I’m going to let them hang out indoors for a little while longer. I have planted mesclun, leeks, scallions and peas outside, though, because they can take the colder temperatures.