It’s a dreary, rainy day today so I dug up a picture from last summer. This is a day’s harvest of Cherokee Purple tomatoes and plums from last July:
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes and Plums

Aren’t they gorgeous? The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are favorites of ours. Not only are they beautiful, they’re also quite delicious. Their large beefsteak size makes them ideal for BLTs. We buy bread and a massive supply of bacon at Costco and we’re pretty much set for lunches during tomato season.

As you can see, the fruit sometimes has green shoulders at the top, even when it’s ripe. That’s okay. You learn to gauge ripeness just by feeling the tomato.

I first learned about the Cherokee Purple tomato on the Growing Tomatoes Forum on Gardenweb. I highly recommend browsing through that forum even if you’re just casually interested in growing tomatoes – there’s a wealth of information. People take their tomatoes very seriously there and they are always willing to answer questions or offer encouragement.

I started seedlings for this plant several weeks ago and now they’re about 9 inches tall and starting to get a bit leggy. The weather forecasters are saying that we could get wet snow tonight so it’s going to be a while before I can plant them outside.

Snow. Can you believe it?