I am been lax in updating this blog. This is because I have been busy doing this:

Canning Jam

The abundant harvest from our two plum trees has meant that I’ve had to find something to do with all the fruit. We aren’t big fans of prunes, so dehydrating them was out of the question. So, I dug out my Home Canning Kit and went to town. I made jam. Plum/blueberry, plum/amaretto, plain plum and plum/mango. The plum/mango is the lovely amber-colored jam in the picture above. Isn’t it pretty?

Fortunately production is winding down which is good – I am tired of plums now. The tomatoes, however, are still going strong.

Canning Tomatoes

I planted fewer tomato plants this year than I did last year. If I have extra tomatoes I’m not able to process right away, I just place them in the freezer whole. One advantage to this method is the fact that the frozen tomatoes are extremely easy to peel – just hold them under a stream of warm water and the skin slips right off. I can then chop them up for salsa or bruschetta.

So far I’ve made zesty southwest salsa and roasted garlic salsa. I am going to can some bruschetta next.

Zesty southwest salsa from The Book of Small Batch Preserving

It’s hard working chopping all of these fruits and vegetables (and a bit challenging to do with a nearly-one-year-old in the house) but it is satisfying to be able to open a jar of salsa grown in your own backyard during the cold winter months around here.